Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Walk on the Wild Side

Time for a walk before Chuck is ensconced in front of the TV watching the Masters Golf Tournament.  There's no time to get in the car to walk a man-made trail.  So...we took off out our back door down a trail that used to be a logging road when our sub-division came into being.  We used the gravel 'streets to be' as our path.  

Out our back door-
Old Logging Path

Gravel Road Path-
Vimiosa Way

Flora along the way...

First Dogwood tree
for me this year

Looping back around to get home

Gravel 'street to be'
behind our house
We connected to our street
at Estepa Way

Rescued abandoned
Pampas Grass

Yea...Back Home again...after a
Walk on our wild side!

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