Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Resolve in 2013... make no New Year's Resolutions.  2012 resolution-free year worked out 'Fine'! In fact, it was amazing. 

I will keep the following general thoughts in mind to keep me focused.

#1 Eat only when I am hungry. 
      (No more counting calories!)

#2 Moderation in everything.

#3 One day off a week from Technology, To-Do Lists, Have-to's, and Should's.
      (This will be the hardest for me.)

#4 Exercise, Exercise,Exercise...
                       Keep Moving!
#3 My priorities are: 
my Etsy Shop



Altered Art 

Artist Trading Cards

 and Golf.  

If I do not spend some time weekly 
on any of these priorities, 
it's time to regroup
and evaluate!

#4 Remember: The only thing that goes with me from here to there is relationships with people and knowledge. 

#5 It's okay to do nothing...
                              I am retired after all:)

#2 bears repeating-

Moderation in everything!

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  1. I love #3 and I plan to try to do this more too!