Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning!....Check!

Today is a red-letter day!  I have finished my Spring cleaning.  It all began this year when the first daffodil opened.  I was off and running.  In fact, there were a few Summer days before I finished the last task.

Actually last year's picture...
waiting for someone to send us
this year's!

It started  the week before Easter with 'what am I going to wear on Easter Sunday'.  I have now taken one load of clothes I haven't worn in two (or more) years to Goodwill.  I left one load on the curb for ARC to pick up...which they did on Monday.  In fact, I have collected another pile of 'stuff' to set out for Big Brothers/Big Sisters to pick up when they come by at the end of April. Also, two boxes of books that I will never read has been donated to CALS (Central Arkansas Library System).  I also have some books that I will put on PaperBackSwap so I can get credits to get more books that I may/may not read.

I have a new system of my projects.  All projects are labeled and put in clear storage bins so I can see them.  They are now stored in our storage closets and not sitting all over the house.  I feel lighter already.  

I even made time
to polish my
Today I now claim this year's 'Spring Cleaning' frenzy at an end.  The floors are mopped/vacuumed, and the screened porch is pollen-free.  Just in time  for me to put my feet up and read one of the books that I didn't give away...or maybe I'll just take a nap!

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