Sunday, March 6, 2016

Walking the Trails in 2016 Installment Two

A perfect day for a walk.  Considering that rain is predicted all of next week we decided to check out the Cedar Creek Trail.  It was in the path of some high winds last year and was closed for a long time.  After a major pick-up it was reopened.  It is still winter on the Trail.  I saw a few wild flowers, but no buds on the trees.  The evidence of the damage really showed with no foliage to hide all of the downed trees.  

After parking the car at Lot A we walked about 1.5 miles of the 3 miles of trails.  We took the Blue Bird Path to the Mourning Dove Path and turned around about half way.  

Then, we took the Kingfish Loop and back to the car. We'll go back when it is in foliage and walk the other 1.5 miles. 

Along the trail we saw some cairns
a few wild flowers, 
evidence of a beaver (maybe), 
and a lot dormant hardwoods.

The only evidence of Spring is in my back yard. 
 A single omen that Spring might be on its way.

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