Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado (Part One)

Just got back from a week in Colorado...first to Idaho Springs, Georgetown, then Estes Park (Part Two!

We had a great time visiting relatives and meeting new friends.  We came from from approximately 300 feet above sea level in Arkansas to 7500 feet in Idaho Springs and 8500 in Georgetown and back down to 7,500 feet in Estes Park.  Definitely had to adjust to the change.  We drank lots and lots of water and didn't move too fast.  Colorado is one of my favorite States.  The Rockies are awesome and the people even more so.  

We don't buy 'dust catchers'...just send ourselves postcards!

Continental Divide on the way to Idaho Springs from Denver Airport
Idaho Springs
'Vintage Moose Tavern' where we had Beer and Antipasto
Gospel Music-Group getting ready
for Gospel Music Festival
that weekend-we would be in
Estes Park by then so we stopped and listened for a while.
In the cutest shop-

(Cute Shop-No, I couldn't buy it!
It wouldn't fit in our suitcase.)

Walk by Clear Creek 


Louis DuPuy's Hotel de Paris and Gardens

On to Estes Park...continued in 
Part Two of Rocky Mountain High, Colorado!

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  1. I love Colorado and am enjoying revisiting it through your posts! Used to go there 3 or 4 times a year. Haven't been in 4 years now. I need to go BACK! They say 'If God doesn't live in Colorado - well, I'll bet that's where he spends most of his time!' I know I would!!