Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

...and the fire was so delightful.  And since we had no place to snowed, and snowed and snowed...and took out a transmission line and our electricity went with it! We were without about 17 hours.  

In the meantime...We ate crackers, cheese, and peanut butter.  Camped out on the couch layered with clothes and blankets... 

 ...I worked on a project that has been on my list forever...a Christmas Alphabet Book made from old Christmas cards that I collected over the years.  

'A' is for Angels 
With halos so bright
Whose carols were heard
On that First Christmas Night.

He was not so happy being layered
and covered with blankets!

Chuck painted, 
shoveled snow, 
and took photos.

A photo is worth ...



  1. Glad you survived! We had to camp with friends...too cold!

  2. If our power had not come on when it did, we were on our way to Chuck's sisters in Benton. It was cold.