Sunday, September 9, 2012

All the girls look prettier at closing time...

On the way...well, I had to have the
appropriate costume...
didn't I!  Yes, no doubt.
You guessed it!  We went to see Mickey Gilley at the Woodlands Auditorium at the Ponce de Leon Center in Hot Springs Village last night.  It was not to be missed. Mickey Gilley is a National Treasure.  Only three years ago at the age of 73 he fell while helping a friend move some furniture. He was paralyzed from his neck down.  He was told he would probably never walk again.  And...there he was! 

He walked on stage and stood for some of his songs,  Mainly, he sat in a chair and told us his life story. 

For the 2nd half,
he came out in his
legendary yellow jacke

He included his cousins...Jerry Lee Lewis and The Reverend Jimmy Swaggert. "I am the youngest and my wife says I am the best looking:)"...yes, the grin is still there. of all, his voice was a strong as ever.  He cannot play the piano for which he was so famous...he told us he couldn't 'hit the licks'.  He has a number of keyboardist's that make up for it.    He was awesome as were his back-up's who have credentials of their own. 
He closed the show with 'Stand by Me'!
No doubt he will be standing a long time
after me:)

 I have been to Gilley's in Pasadena, Texas, outside of Houston. To tell the truth, I can't remember if I saw him there or not.  I raised my hand when they asked if I had been there and seen him.  I remember seeing the "Bulls" (as in, Mechanical...are there still any of those anywhere?) I did not ride one of them...that I would have remembered.  

Mickey's show is now in Branson, Missouri.  I think that is what we saw here.  There is no need to make a trip to see it again.  If you get a chance, GO!  

Here's your chance to listen to his music....

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  1. WOW! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know any of this.