Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moving to the next stage!

I love this template!  I have been reading Artful Blogging, Visually Inspiring Online Journals, from
Sommerset Studio.  I discovered this magazine at Barnes and Noble while I was wondering throught the store with my latte.  I purchased it from B&N for a while.   When we started staying at home more, I purchased my
very own" subscription.  I adore the magazine and highly recommend it if you haven't already found it for your own.. 

I am preparing for a launch date....still working on it.  I also purchased a book

 Blogging for Bliss, Crafting Our Own OnLine Journal by Tara Frey. I am committed to this project and I well get there.  It is very hard for me to go from forty years of  "left-brain" activities practiced in a banking environment to a "right-brain" activity when I was told at an early age that I didn't have any artist abilities.  I have been finding lately that I was lied to by my teachers, friends and even my mother. In all due respect,  she wanted me to go to work from 9 to 5 so I could have a secure financial that she didn't perceive herself having.  I love them all.  Now it is time to adventure out of my "script".

Thanks for listening...I'll let you know when I "come out"!

It won't be long.... Pleasant Dreams    Esmee

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